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Distéfano new font

Designed from the perspective of a multi-purpose font family, comprehending the slab-serif and humanist-sans subtypes

Upcoming Median

Median is a kind of typography which originated in a large process of research and selection of serif text families.

Sopi - New Font

Sopi is a typography of ornaments, borders and combined frames. It was inspired by the design of limestone tile floors.

This is our typographic catalog.
3 STYLES: italic, swash, xswash into unique font | plus contextual alternates and ligatures
Darío Muhafara
4 STYLES: regular, italic, bold and bold italic. Include Small caps
Juan Montoreano
10 STYLES: thin, light, medium, bold, black and their italics | Some styles include small caps.
Rubén Fontana
6 STYLES: Rugged - Lino - Xylo - Splat - Shadow - Cast
Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni
16 STYLES | 8 SANS + 8 SLAB: light, regular, bold, black and their italics | Some styles include small caps.
Rubén Fontana
Lineare Serif
5 STYLES: book, book SC, italic, bold and bold italic.
Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni
3 STYLES: regular, italic, and bold.
Pablo Cosgaya / Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni
4 STYLES: regular, italic, bold and bold italic. Include Small caps
Darío Muhafara - Felix Lentino
5 STYLES: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Inline
Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni
10 STYLES: light, regular, bold, black, ultrablack and their italics.
Rubén Fontana
Pablo Ugerman
3 STYLES: regular, alternates and baroque caps into unique font | plus numbers set and small caps
Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni
2 STYLES: fat and script into unique font

Who we are, and what we do since we get started.
Tipo is formed by typographers Darío M. Muhafara and Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni, who started creating a type foundry that would promote high quality, Latin American typographic families, stressing those typographies which are used for text and trying to insert them within the international market. Tipo, and the designers who contribute with their sources to this project, wish to meet the international typographic needs of their clients, based on innovative designs that will meet, as well, all international quality standards.2
Rubén Fontana
Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni
Darío Muhafara
Juan Montoreano
Pablo Cosgaya
Félix Lentino
Pablo Ugerman
Carrera de Diseño Tipográfico
Drawn letter (workshop)


Typeface created for country brand of Argentina. In a first stage the logo was designed and then expanded to a 6 Weighs family. The project was developed for Future Brand, who was in charge of this country brand in 2013.

The idea was to find a logo with a look that was both contemporary and long lasting. The versatility of this typographic family allows a wide variety of uses for very different situations. From sanserif origin and humanistic spirit, its kind and precise characteristics make it unique. His italics refer to calligraphic stroke to complete the usability in the text.

. Certificate of Excellence in Typeface Design of the Type Directors Club

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Custom typography comissioned by Faena Art Center >>> View at Behance



This typography was requested by writer and humorist Roberto Fontanarrosa. The development of this typography started based on the analysis of his writings so as to digitalize signs at a later stage, being respectful of their morphology although simplifying their shape so as to optimize thir use. To complete this set of characters, it was necessary to generate non existing signs. Anarrosa was used to create texts to match the humour-filled writings by Fontanarrosa published in daily Clarín and ,on Sundays,and in Viva magazine, which corresponds to the same newspaper.

Conocé la historia de Anarrosa



They are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the places from which a new wave of typographic invention and enthusiasm swept through Latin America over the past decade. The name of their foundry simply means “typeface” or “piece of type” in Spanish — though in slang it also means “guy”. Since its inception, Tipo has aimed to provide highly usable, well-wrought fonts for the discerning publications designer. Among the type designers they convinced to join them is Argentina’s pioneer of digital typography, Rubén Fontana, and their library is expanding. Meet Darío M. Muhafara and Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni, two men with a mission. >> Read more

Licensing TIPO font software.
As usual with software, you do not 'buy' our font software but pay a license fee and then are granted the (non-exclusive and non-transferable) right to use it. Typeface design and font software are and remain intellectual property of and are owned by Tipo. Please see our end user license agreement for details about licensing and using Tipo font sofware.

The license table

The table below shows how many licenses you need for use of Tipo font software on a specific number of computers:

1 license: 1-5 computers
2 licenses: 6-25 computers
3 licenses: 26-50 computers
Please send us an email at info@tipo.net.ar for use on more than 50 computers.
You can purchase additional licenses at any time.
E.g. if you have two licenses (6 to 25 computers) of a font and want to use it on 28 computers in future, you need to get 1 additional license.

Purchase licenses through MyFonts.

For orders through our website, the company MyFonts is our distributor, and provides payment & download services.


End User License Agreement
[version 1.0] . January 2007

This license agreement is a legally binding contract between you, the licensee, and Dario Muhafara / Eduardo Tunni (TIPO). By downloading our font software, you acknowledge that you understand this license agreement and promise to comply with its terms. If you do not accept the terms, please do not complete the purchase transaction.
1. License & usage rights
Upon payment of the usage fee, you are granted the non- exclusive and non-transferable right to use the font software on a number of computers within your organization as determined by the number of licenses you have purchased. You can purchase additional licenses at any time.
Each TIPO font software is licensed for use on a maximum of 5(five) rasterizing devices connected to the same local area network. If the font is placed on a font server, each device that accesses the server counts as one.

2. Copyright
Typeface design and font software - including all updates, expansions, modified versions and working copies - are intellectual property of and are owned by TIPO. You agree that typeface design and font software are protected by International copyright, design patent and trademark laws. All rights reserved unless expressly granted in this agreement.
You are allowed to make only one backup copy of font software, documentation and license agreement. You are not authorized to distribute the font software in any way, whether by selling, lending, donating or otherwise.
A transfer of the license you were granted requires a written permission by TIPO; upon transfer of your license, you must delete the font software and all copies thereof.

3. Printing
You are not allow to give a copy of the font software with your release file to your service bureau for exposing/printing your release file.
We recommend that you provide your service bureau with a PDF file with the font software embedded.
4. Embedding
You are allowed to embed the font software in digital documents (e.g. PDF files) if you represent and warrant that licensee's encryption of the embedded TIPO font software is secure enough to prevent access or use by anyone using the software in which the font data is embedded. Every TIPO font software allows embedding with read-only status. Embedding the font software in commercial products (e.g. eBooks) requires a special license. In this case user must purchase an additional license from TIPO based upon usage.

5. Modification
Any TIPO font software must be used according to the original licensing terms. This means, for example, that any modified TIPO font software, or any outline information derived from any TIPO font software is still licensed for the same number of devices as the original and may not be sublicensed, given away, or sold without written permission from TIPO. TIPO is responsible for technical support of its officially distributed fonts only. TIPO is not responsible for modified and/or regenerated software.

6. Credit
By licensing TIPO font software you agree to credit TIPO as the trademark and copyright owner of the TIPO fonts and list the font names, wherever and whenever design, production, or any other credits are shown.

7. Warranty and limitation of liability
TIPO has done everything to produce high quality TTF, PS1 and OpenType fonts. Minimum system requirement is
Mac OSX or Windows 2000/XP. If you purchase OpenType versions, please note that not all systems or applications support OpenType features and kerning equally well.
If you do experience any difficulties with our font software, please contact us, and we will do our best to resolve any issues. If this should not be possible, we will be pleased to replace or refund your money, which shall be the limit of our liability in this transaction. To replace the software or refound the money it has to be accompanied by a valid sales receipe.
Except for this warranty granted, there is no warranty for performance or results obtained by using the font software. TIPO will not be liable for any damages, claims or costs whatsoever or any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, business interruption, nor for lost profits, savings or business information, arising out of any use of, or inability to use, the font software.
Under no circumstances shall TIPO's liability exceed the cost of replacement or money refound of the software.

8. Final provisions
If you violate any term of this agreement, TIPO will immediately terminate the license and right of use. In the event of termination, you must inmediately return the font software to TIPO and certify that no copies remain in your possession or exist on the originally licensed site. The TIPO font software is protected under domestic and international trademark and copyright law. You agree to identify the TIPO fonts software by name and credit TIPO ownership of the trademarks and copyrights in any design or production credits.

Our typographies include a life guarantee.
Tipo typefaces has an Extended Latin character set based on Adobe Latin 3. It covers over 50 languages that include major Western European Latin languages; Latin- based Central European (CE) languages. For more specification refer to
Not every tipo fonts cover the same language pack. Visit the typeface page on the website  for more specification. <
If you have any further question please contact us at info@tipo.net.ar

OTF features support 

This is the available OTF features posibilities for tipo typefaces.


Note 1 each typeface has its own OTF features set availables, and can defer from one to the other. 

Please refer to the font specification in it PDF specimen.


Note 2 OTF feature require some expertise to use them and every software has different levels of OTF feature implementation. In most cases you can acces the complete glyph set by the glyph palette.

In order to know the limits of the latter, see Terms and Conditions of Licenses. If you need any support on our typographies, or if you wish to make any inquiries regarding any concerns you may have on the installation or limitations of our typographies, please contact us to info@tipo.net.ar Technical features speciocation Here you will ?nd an explanation from the possible features our typefaces could have.
  • Our typefaces are available on OpenType (.otf PostScript flavored). by default.
  • Web formats WOFF and EOT Web-only formats through myfonts.com.
  • TrueType versions are available upon request. OTF SUPPORT

If you need to ask any question, please contact us.

This information is for internal use and it will not be redistributed or shared with other persons or companies.